Wednesday, April 03, 2013

C Is for Community

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No, not the TV show. Sorry to disappoint you. ;)

I recently joined a Facebook (FB) group for writers. I wasn't sure exactly what I was getting into. But I was pleasantly surprised, even delighted, to discover that the group members encourage one another; help one another by offering advice, suggestions, and recommended reads or tools; and celebrate one another's victories and growth. Congenial, convivial company. (Truly, today's letter is C! Haha!)

I'm discovering that such community is crucial to surviving as any kind of artist. (Writers are artists too!) Knowing that you aren't alone in loving the aroma of a new paperback and dreaming of one day being the author of your own paperback can reinvigorate that flagging will-to-write (or paint, sculpt, stamp, sew, strum, yodel, belt, etc.). It helps to have a pal or a colleague who will tell you to "just do it" or who will check in with you and ask if you've made progress today on the goals you've set for yourself. Even your ideas get infusions of new life after sharing hopes, dreams, and frustrations with your fellow artists.
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So in that spirit, I'll share here some of the recent gems of advice from the Writers Unite FB group:
* "It's never too late to learn—you don't have to know everything when you first start." — Amy M.
* "Everything is a learning process, and the learning never ends." — Adrian S.
* "Keep writing until the words come." — Jamie K.
* "Don't be afraid to let your characters turn into who they want to be instead of who you planned for them to be." — Sirena R.
* "Find a community." — Susan K. H.
* "There's no such thing as 'writers ceiling.'" — Annette S.
* "Work at it even when you don't 'feel' inspired." — Michelle W.
* "Inspiration doesn't come unless you send it an invitation." — Adrian S.
* "Put writing on your calendar, and do it until it becomes a habit." — Laura R.
* "Quit waiting, and make it happen." — Sundi Jo G.
* "Writing is hard. Blocks are inevitable. Write through them." — Stephanie C.
* "Doing multiple rewrites doesn't mean you're a bad writer; it means you're a writer who wants to write something others will really enjoy reading." — Susie F.
* "No one will love your writing unless you love it first." — Gabriel Gadfly


Debra Mauldin said...

Well written article and good advice. Thanks for sharing this.
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pamlovesbooks said...

these are useful quotes. i hope you find one you ca use. Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!