Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Weekly Words (Don't you love alliteration??!!)

Good morning, readers! (All four of you... *chuckle*)

I've decided to jump on the blogospheric bandwagon and create some weekly (or occasional) series:

Movie Mondays
-- theater or TV movies and my thoughts
Terrific Tuesdays -- delightful people, happenings, objects, thoughts
Wisdom Wednesdays -- words of wisdom I stumble upon, be they from another blogger, the Bible, a famous author, whomever!
Thankful Thursdays -- stuff I'm thankful for, writings on gratitude and thankfulness, and more
F Is for Friday -- Friday is for fun, photos, freebies, and anything beginning with the letter F

If I so happen to get online on a Saturday or Sunday, then we might have...
* Sandwich Saturdays
* Souper Sundays
which mean posts in which I share recipes or wacky sandwich/soup related stories... whatever! =)

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