Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Learning: Lead and follow

Well, if ballroom dance lessons don't do it, something else will teach it to you!

Back in October 2006, on the weekend right before my birthday, Pink Kitty, SalsaGuy, Cokes4Me, and I hiked the trails of Caney River Falls and Fall Creek Falls in Bledsoe Co. of the Tennessee Plateau region.

After a few hours of strenuous hiking and much seeing of gorgeous autumnal sights, the four of us trekked back toward the car. At one fork, SalsaGuy led the way to the left, on the Gorge Trail. We hiked further and came to another crossroads. The sign read Caney River Falls Overlook and displayed an arrow pointing left and an arrow pointing right. Again SalsaGuy led us to take the left side of the fork.

As on other trails, the steps down were formed by tree roots and rocks, some steep enough for us to need SalsaGuy to act as stairway railing.

SalsaGuy got to the wire fence before we did. And when I stopped to catch my breath for a moment, I sensed something odd: the trail didn't seem to be going anywhere further. I was about to question him, but a check in my spirit occurred. I heeded the Holy Spirit and listened. Trust him. Don't question his leadership. He knows what he's doing. Just keep going. I did.

When I got to the bottom of the trail, it did stop. Technically it was a dead-end, but truly... it was a special spot. It was the overlook the sign had promised.

The sun was out in full, and the afternoon had warmed. A slight breeze blew just enough to cool us off from hiking. The falls glittered in the distance.

I was overwhelmed. Truly it was a lesson I needed to learn. One I need to remember over and over. To read again and again.

You never know what delights you will see, literally and metaphorically, when you trust God and let Him help you trust people. Self-restraint really is worth it. Thank you, SalsaGuy, for consistently demonstrating that to me. :o)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that IS a lesson. Great post (and pretty picture!).