Saturday, June 24, 2006

Red it!

Door to the Heinz Chapel on the University of Pittsburgh campus

I really like the red color of the door. But more than that, today as I browsed my pictures folder, this door reminded me of Christ's saying that He is the door. And now I realize, How appropriate that the door is red, because it is through Christ's blood that we are able to enter the holy of holies, to go behind the veil in the temple, and really get to be with God and get to know Him. What an awesome privilege!

Hmm... I see a theme beginning here. Photography challenge, anyone? Theme: interesting doors or gates.

Post your blog entry URLs in the comments below. Have fun capturing those faboo images!



Miss O'Hara said...

Here's mine!

a.p. said...

Hey, wanted to know if you've seen the Superman movie...I figured if you had there could be interesting dicussion. I've co-written a lengthy review on my blog in case you are interested. Hope you're well!

Miss O'Hara said...

BTW, Zach and I think the same thing about the significance of the red door; passing through the Blood, the Blood that saves and embraces us. Kinda humbling.

I have another.

Don't ask why I am up this late. ;)