Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Calling all Mac geeks: Advice needed

So I'm contemplating the virtues of the iBook and of the PowerBook. Which one should I purchase? I want to surf the Web, blog, check e-mail, shop, and write the maybe-great American novel. Yep, all the girly stuff. I figure I need AppleWorks, Safari (or something), and what else? And I really really want Myst IV: Revelation. (But I think I've got to get Uru first...wasn't that the name of the thing? I forget.)

Guys, if you give me great advice, I might just make you a batch of cookies and send them to ya. *bats eyelashes*


Miss O'Hara said...

What else, if anything, exactly do you want to do? I do all of those things and more - photo editing, spreadsheets, etc. - on my G3 iBook and I love it. Sure, I'd love a PowerBook, but at $2000 or more, it's a little out of range at the moment. ;) (Christmas is coming...) I loaded up the iBook with Office and was totally good to go. It's a great little computer - I call it 'my baby'.

Elena said...

Ah, yes, forgot photo editing. My handy-dandy digi camera came with software for that purpose, and I think it will work with OS X.

Yes, I plan to get MS Office, so that my Mac here at work and my Mac at home will be simpático. I don't plan to get Adobe InDesign/InCopy, which is what we use here for publishing.

I don't need to watch movies on the thing or make films or videos or anything. Just need capacity to view stuff from the Internet (like the "evolution of dancing" guy or the Strong Bad e-mails) and to run the Myst games, which might use up a lot of RAM.

Spreadsheets...would be doable with Excel in Office.

So...yeah. I think you're right....an iBook would be sufficient.

Your "baby" has inspired PK to go Mac! ;o)

Miss O'Hara said...

Okay, the iBook comes with iPhoto, which isn't PhotoShop, but it's still nice. BTW, apparently (see what happens when you leave the country?) there is now only the MacBook and MacBook Pro. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/personaltechnology/2003007070_ptmacc20.html

I want one. NOW!!! ;P