Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Insta-credential: Just add water

YellaJacket got an offer yesterday from some yahoo organization offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees that one can earn in 2 weeks! What?!? Do you get class credit for your time spent brewing your morning java or browning yourself at the tanning salon? Hey, can I get credit for shoe shopping? And then the final exam is to find the best bargain possible at DSW… Yeesh…

Heh-heh, a degree that probably takes longer to apply for; to pay for; and to have the degree certificate printed, sent, and received than it does to actually earn it… Yeah, like that doesn’t happen in the real world. Remember—Pink Kitty’s degree certificate also doubles as a lovely place mat. ;o)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Vote Mandisa tonight!

I don't normally follow "American Idol," but this year is a bit different. Former co-worker of mine Mandisa Hundley is in the top 11!

She used to sing solos in our chapel services regularly, and God has brought her from a customer-service-type job to touring with Travis Cottrell and Beth Moore to now being on American Idol. I think this is God's way of breaking through this idol mess and saying, "I am God, and there is no other. And I'm gonna show you just what I can do." And He's using Mandisa to do it.

Vote Mandisa—she's talented; she's gracious; she's beautiful, vivacious, and radiant; and most of all, she's on mission for Jesus Christ. Let's lift Him up by choosing one of His ardent, loyal servants from this pool of talent!!! Let's keep her in the top 10!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

He Doth Protest Too Much

Last night Duke Diva and I ate at a cute little neighborhood Cuban restaurant. Good stuff!

As we walked to our cars, Random Oddball Guy (ROG), who was standing on the sidewalk not far from the restaurant door, hailed us.

ROG: Hey, ladies, I'm a nice guy, and I just need a ride just down the road a little ways.

We Gals: Sorry...

Duke Diva to ROG: I'm a nice girl. But I don't let men who are strangers to me, ride in my car when I'm alone.

(Duke Diva and Elena get in their cars. ROG walks down the sidewalk...away from the restaurant.)

Elena: (on the cell phone) OK...there's a restaurant open....with people inside! And two tables over from us were three guys! So dude could have gone in and (1) made a phone call or (2) gotten some help. AND a nice guy (1) doesn't approach women in a way that would necessitate his having to say, "I'm a nice guy" and (2) shouldn't need to TELL people that he should just be evident. Kinda like saying, "I'm smart," isn't "smart."

Duke Diva: Yeah, it's like the time that I was in the church parking lot at night when a homeless guy came out from BEHIND another car and said, "I'm not trying to scare you, and I'm a good guy." My reply was "Well, if you're not trying to scare anyone, then why are you doing EXACTLY that!?!?"


A man who wants to protect a woman isn't going to do something that he knows is likely to genuinely scare her, especially if they are strangers to each other. (This doesn't preclude the courteous behavior amongst all folks in public, like a friendly but boundary-maintaining smile or tip of the hat or nod, or speaking to someone in the elevator. Or the fun "boo!"-and-chase game two sweethearts might play...)

A gentleman's gentlemanliness shows in his attitudes, his speech, and his behavior. How he cares about people should be evident. His chilvary should show itself without his having to point to it. Guys, you who open doors for us, who are polite and courteous, who are considerate of others, and who are protective of women and others who are weaker than you (for whatever reason)---we women thank you!!! Your genuine gallantry has not gone unnoticed. Bravo! And thank you for maintaining boundaries and respecting us as human beings! *smile*