Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Vivir en miedo es como vivir a medias.

Translation: A life lived in fear is a life half lived.Strictly Ballroom

How long do we live in fear? How long do we skitter away from the spotlight that life sometimes shines on us?

A song off of Trisha Yearwood's new album Jasper County"Standing Out in a Crowd" (click on Track 6)—is my new theme song these days. No longer is the spotlight so harsh...but is a warm place...a place to shine and to smile.

No, this isn't a belated New Year's Resolution post. This is more of a parallel to what PK has been talking about over at the Scratching Post. Last fall, we both tried ballroom dancing. Actually, I dragged her as my guest, and she was the one who got hooked. She started in self-expressive dance (belly dance) and added partner dancing. And now that I've tried partner dancing, I'd really like to take dance lessons to do something flamenco or traditional Indian dance.

So much to purchase my first a new car (the baby's 10 or 11 years old now...yikes!)...go somewhere tropical...take cooking classes....learn Italian. Why not start? Why not? Fear, usually. But hey, I'm 30, and what am I waiting for?

Just ponderings, y'all. Nothing overly cohesive or coherent yet... just some things that have been simmering/percolating/marinating. (OK, I'm hungry for lunch now.)

What are you going to try this year that you've always been afraid to do? It may be a new leisure/adventure may have something to do with people (like ask out that terrific person in your singles group or ask someone for forgiveness). Share your stories if you'd like! Keep your comments SFW (safe for work). Thanks!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Mad Lib in Honor of Strong Bad

Courtesy of the tear-off calendar Duke Diva gave me for Christmas. Gotta love word stuff!

Noun: rainbow
Noun: unicorn
Noun: Princess Shellbra
Verb ending in "ing": lady-ing

Story: "My Favorite Presidents"

My favorite presidents include George Washington,
the rainbow of our country; Abraham Lincoln, who
preserved the unicorn; Thomas Jefferson, author
of the Declaration of Princess Shellbra; and Theodore Rooselvelt,
who was famous for lady-ing up San Juan Hill
in the Spanish-American War.

SO Glad That Hoopla's Over

Yes, I'm late to the party in posting this, but it's my blog...I can do what I wanna.

I was waxing Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil last week during the All Dick Cheney, All the Time mania.
Party Guest: What happened?
Party Host: Oh, that Dick Cheney went and shot somebody. Canapé?

And why is Dick Cheney's accidentally shooting a friend, something to broadcast on the news over and over? I dunno.
Folks in the South accidentally shoot their hunting buddies all the time...

I think the press hasn't got enough to do. What's next? Some government official changes toothpaste brands without consulting the American public?

Hey, reporters, here's 35 cents (or whatever the going rate is)---call someone who cares!

Movie Tie-ins Gone Wild...

or just plain ol' "too far."

We now have Chronicles of Narnia: The Chapstick. What's next---Chronicles of Narnia: The Toilet Paper?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

In the world of java...

Sometimes even Fourbucks manages to put itself at the bottom of the hierarchy. Take this afternoon's brew, for instance.

Elena sips her just-doctored-up caffeine confection. Vleh, vleh, VLEH! I'm drinking the liquid form of the nasty-butt off-brand "Coppertone" Barbie that Ashpenaz had when we were young. (Yes, the doll smelt of suntan lotion.) In other words....French Roast Fourbucks coffee + skim milk + sugar-free vanilla syrup + 2 pkgs pink [Sweet 'n' Low] + 2 pkgs yellow [Splenda] = one tepid Grande cup of Choke My Tastebuds. Icky-poo...

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl 40: It's All About the Commercials, Baby!

We gathered. We snacked. We rooted for both the Steelers and the Seahawks. We viewed. And we critiqued. Here's a summary of what Pink Kitty, Duke Diva, and I thought of the highlight of the evening: the commercials.

Busta Gut: The Ones That Made Us ROFL
Budweiser Superfan

Nationwide Insurance: Fabio {winning the Gal Pal Trio ROFL Award}

The Nostalgia Factor: Commercials for the Gen Xers
Ford Hybrid: Kermit the Frog

MasterCard: MacGyver

Acme's Whackamo (ie. "We depend on physical humor")
Nationwide Insurance: Swing

FedEx: Caveman

Gotta Love That Irony
AmeriQuest Mortgage Co.: “That Killed Him”

Just Plain Weird (But Still Rather Funny...somehow)
Burger King: Whopperettes

Desperate Housewives (Crying Shaq)

Hummer: Giant Monsters

Thursday, February 02, 2006

It was cloudy in Nashville this morning but...

Punxy Phil says six more weeks of winter.......ugh.

My Aunt SteelersFan, who is originally from Punxsutawny, PA, where the famous groundhog lives, collects beanie Phils. This cute stuffed Phil is sure to be gracing Auntie's Punxy Phil shelf the next time we visit. (When I figure out how to upload my digital photos into Flickr, y'all can see the display.)

Well, I don't care if spring doesn't officially start for another month and a half, I'm gettin' all spring-y up in here...what with an odd surge of energy...and my faboo new flowerdy flats (cutened up even more with pink bows).

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Office Fragrance Line

Newest Releases:

* Attar of Burnt Popcorn….automatically exudes from both microwave and charred popcorn bag....available in Butter and Kettle Corn (which in its blackened form has the added value of smelling vaguely like a gigolo wearing cheap cologne)

* Java Aromatherapy…………if your morning Starbucks® didn’t wake you up, the office's 6-hours-of-percolating pot of coffee just might.

* Oil of Nondescript Asian Food Entrée….sure to embue any hallway with the aromatic leavings of last week’s trip to P. F. Chang’s

* Parfum de Chien …….. odor of wet dog....readily available on rainy days and Mondays (which, I don't know about you, but they always get me down)

* Eau de Old People….an interesting blend of stale cinnamon and aroma of “funeral home florist shop”

* Le Feet de Pu…..self-explanatory

* Killer-Migraine Room Freshener….Wafts from any office to five or six offices away in a 360-degree swath; extends its fingers up into your nostrils and sinuses; and once grasping your grey matter, twists your brain till all thoughts cease, but this one: Put me out of my misery, PLEASE!