Thursday, January 26, 2006

Things that make people blush

NO, this is not THAT kind of blog post! ;o)

Recently at team lunch, I was waxing rhapsodic about a new dining destination that PK and I tried the previous Friday night---Parisa’s.* It’s a delightful Persian restaurant with a lovely atmosphere, terrific d├ęcor, fantastic food, and an attentive wait staff. I enjoyed the experience so much that I raved about it to my work team members.

So…the graphic designer from my team, DesignDarlin’, and her husband, DesignDude, tried it out the next night after I had told her about Parisa’s…a Friday night.

Here’s the report from DesignDarlin’:

DesignDarlin’: You know that place you told me about….Parisa’s?

Elena: Yeah…

DD: Well, DesignDude and I tried it out.

E: (giddy response) Oh, goodie! How did you like it?

DD: We loved the food. But… (pauses and laughs a little nervously)

E: (anticipating DD’s next statement) Oh, no! I forgot to tell you about the…

DD: Belly dancing. Yeah. (DD grins and chuckles.) I kinda felt bad for DesignDude. He was so embarrassed---his entire face and neck were beet red. He didn’t know what to do! He asked me, “Do I look at her?” I told him it was OK…she’s just dancing.

E: What about you?

DD: I was fine. To me, it’s just another art form.

We both laughed a bit more…about how surprised they were, about DesignDude’s utter discombobulation, and about which set of DesignDuo's parents would freak out as much as DDude did (or more).

* Go there, y'all! GREAT food, faboo decor, nice atmosphere, friendly's a little Persian getaway right here in middle TN. Nashville Scene Dining Guide [Search for "Parisa's."]


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the things we do for a little "art".

Kat Coble said...

The first time Hubs and I went to restaurant with Belly dancing I think we were both completely flummoxed. After a few minutes, though, Tim openly enjoyed it.

I liked it okay, but I think it may be an artform that appeals to the male of the species a bit more instinctively.