Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"I tell ya, PK"

Reality shows are getting a bit ridiculous. OK...have gotten. OK, OK.....totally riDONKulous.

Yesterday, Pink Kitty and I were commenting over e-mail about the newest twist on "reality" TV. Read below:

Elena: Elecric Youth on Ice......ie. Debbie Gibson on "Skating with Celebrities." O.........my..........goodness.

PK: Yeah. She was on there... and what she did was Delta level skating with some footwork. I'll give them all props, because they've learned in a month what took me six months. Then again, I wasn't skating four hours a day. They should be progressing a lot faster.

Elena: (on another one of her tangents) Sad that our culture these days cannot create epic works....I watched Dickens's "Bleak House" on PBS last night. Now THAT is culture....good, no! EXCELLENT literature.....and good TV.

PK: Epic works take time to create, read, and appreciate. Why bother with that when you have insta-celebreality? ---> Add star to water. Watch show.

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P. K. Nail said...

I have a fierce loathing for the term "celebreality." Talk about an oxymoron! Reality shows with "normal" people were bad enough, but celeb reality shows??? Gimme a break!

*goes to write furious LiveJournal post*