Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Midnight oil burned? Check.

Marathon copy editing. Gotta love it. I didn't think I could do it tonight. Nose to the grindstone actually worked this time. Amazing how time expands when one focuses on the task at hand, rather than counting the divets in the ceiling tiles. Hmm, have I uncovered a new aspect of the time-space continuum? Neh... It was a God thing. Truly.

So...though I have a second wind and though Mark Bray beat me to posting about LW&W (and elicited an interesting mental rambling this morning [well, it was interesting to ME!]), I shall refrain from posting any further tonight.

I know.
You don't care.
And you think my nose is buried too far in my navel anyway.
I don't blog for anyone but me...and my eight readers.

Anyhooz, several movie reviews in the works, stuff about bad fashion or some such fluff, and goodies about Christmas...to be posted this week.

Love to all my loyal fans! Polka-dotted scarf waves to ya. :o)
~@ Elena @~

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