Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Today's Meat Special: The New Blog Post Series

Today's selection: Squab Kabobs

The story: My friend YellaJacket decided Field & Stream would be the magazine subscription he'd take with his frequent flyer points. He didn't realize nearly every picture would include a gun. So much for taking the mags to Sunday School for the kids to cut out nature photos!

A lovely sheet of stickers was conveniently included in one issue, with this explanation of their use: "Make sure you can track down your wildlife in their deep-freeze wilderness habitat by using these handy labels. They're like radio transmitter collars, except they go on dead things."

As Pink Kitty says, "If steak is murder, murder is tasty!"


Anonymous said...

"He didn't realize nearly every picture would include a gun."

They don't, sometimes they have fishing stuff too.

JACIII said...

Y'all don't have guns in Sunday School? Are ya' JoHo's or somethin'?