Monday, October 10, 2005

It was one of those days

Conversation from last Thursday....

Elena: Today’s just one of those days. Not bad........just one of those days when work tasks leave ya shakin' your head and wanting to chuck the computer app out the winder...... Signs of one of "those" days: (1) Liberal amounts of chocolate must be applied to aid in higher brain function [and lower brain function] and (2) rants at the computer are sung with a pretty decent Strong Bad impression.

Pink Kitty: Do you apply chocolate in a solid form, or slather it all over yourself like a mud mask?


digitalcowboy said...


Elena said...

Ingested the solid form.

There are cosmetics and spa products that use cocoa as a fragrance---might be a good gift idea for your sister, if she likes the aroma of chocolate. :o)