Thursday, October 13, 2005

Holy shag carpeting, Batman!

You gotta love Pier 1, folks. They sell collections on CD. I'm currently listening to one I bought there---Cocktails: Shaken Not Stirred.

Track 1 is "It's Not Unusual" by Tom Jones (can ya see the chest hair and the bling-blingin' necklaces between the two long-pointed lapels?).

Track 2 is "Soul Bossa Nova" by Quincy Jones. Movie fans know that track as the Austin Powers theme music.

Hey, when ya work in a mauve-walled office, ya gotta add some real color wherever you can find it!


digitalcowboy said...

Though Tom Jones had a hairy chest, an open shirt and some "bling." I don't think any of those were what he was known for in his personal appearances, dear.

Pink Kitty said...

He was lady-ing.