Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blessings on the concert, LPO!

Tonight is the first performance of the Lousiana Philharmonic Orchestra's 2005–06 season, which was set to open Sept. 15 but couldn't because of Hurricane Katrina + levee damage to their theater. About 60 musicians have gathered here in Nashville for a concert.....and it's an emotional time: a reunion of family.

NPR broadcasted a report from one of our local radio reporters (see link in the blog entry title), and you can hear the excitement in the musicians' voices as they talk about their reunion. You also hear the bits of sorrow over instruments they have lost (or fear are lost). Several musicians have collections of the musical instruments they play, including rare and antique pieces.

But what they grieve most of all is having a home in which to play. For tonight, they do have a home, albeit a temporary one. The LPO's gratitude to Nashville is palpable and the musicians' joy infectious.

May you play with vigor and joy, gratitude and wonder, and renewed dedication to your art, LPO musicians! May your time in Nashville be a blessing to you, as I am sure you will be a blessing to us!


Difster said...

BTW - You were on my mothballed blogroll for a while because you hadn't posted. I put you back in with the rest of the sickos on my regular blogroll.

Elena said...

Such an interesting.....mixture of compliment and derision, Dif. Er....thank you?