Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bizarre car

A story from MamaJR:

"My mechanic just called to explain why my car went berserk and died Tuesday night. BulldogFan and I had stopped by Enterprise to pick up my car at 10:00 p.m. when we returned from Georgia. The car was shaking and acting possessed, so we left it there at Enterprise and had it towed yesterday.

"A squirrel (over the course of a few days or weeks) has chewed through two of my six spark plugs, through AC wires, connection wires, transmission wires; and the breaks have caused them to burn. =(

"Hopefully they haven't burned into the console, but the mechanic said it's going to be a long repair job since he will have to literally rebuild the entire wiring system.

"Those little runts! I can't keep them away from my car because our house doesn't have a garage and we live in a heavily-wooded area next to a river. I will have to think about creating traps to keep the buggers away.

"I am also going to buy a gun."

After consulting a co-worker, Mama JR had this update: "I told Titus2Lady that I need to get a pellet gun to scare them, and she told me that I need to get a real gun to kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Darn tootin,' I'd say...

Related item of pop culture: Carrie Bradshaw, when spending a weekend in the country, wuzznt kiddin' when she proclaimed, "They are NOT cute!!! Squirrels are just rats in better outfits."


Anonymous said...

Yep. A bit like pigeons and seagulls, which I call winged rats.

Anonymous said...

So which 22 did you end up buying?

I think you need a good gun post for girls.

Elena said...

It wasn't me. It was my friend. I don't know that she's had time to go gun shopping yet.