Friday, September 30, 2005

Fall is here...let the weekend fun begin!

Elena's social calendar is filling with delightful things to do and see.

Plaid wearing, caber tossing, and a jig or two
What clan are you?
Elena's a Wallace. Generations back, that is. And yes, there's a William among those Wallaces---again, way on back several generations---but the family's not sure if he's that William.

Costume drama, all rumpled and bothered
Can Keira Knightley improve on Jennifer Ehle's Lizzie? Will Matthew MacFadyen be a better Darcy than Mr. Firth? I dunno. But Ashpenaz and I are gonna do a little popcorn-accompanied research to find out.

Serenity rocks the house!

I agree with Ms. P. K. Nail [spoiler warning] about this flick. Awesome, babies, awesome!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Some blog entries should come with safety warnings

Like "Should be taken with liberal amounts of chocolate" or "Do not ingest while talking on the phone, as might cause choking".............
I'm shakin' my head over a doozie from a very left-brained friend. Evidently, the implications of his left-brainedness had escaped me. More illusions have been shattered...

Please read the entire post I reference (linkie in post title above), in order to understand the text that follows.

"I have always considered the Psalms to have second-tier status in my mind, as compared to the straight historical narrative format of much of the rest of Scripture. However obscure some of Scripture may be, throwing poetry into the mix just seems to be make matters worse."

"Would be fine if it [the Book of Psalms] just stayed as poetry. But this especially gives me fits each time I see later authors of Scripture refer back to the Davidic psalms and use them as prophetic in nature. Where does the warrant come from, to draw such conclusions from this genre?"

"make matters worse" "this genre" *Elena raises eyebrow* Er? ¿Repite, por favor? A little less disdain, if you please. (Braymp, ya know I still love ya, brother.)

So...the form negates the possibility of the text offering truth? Must one tell (prose) rather than show (poetry)? Hmm?

I sense some postmodern thinking cropping up here---ala How can one KNOW the true message of the author, especially if he couches his message in poetic language/form? Well, to that I ask, "How can one KNOW the true message of the author, even if he states it outright? Aren't all authors 'unreliable narrators' to some degree?"

Does the form make the Truth clearer to the reader? More reliable? Do other forms obscure the Truth or make doubtful the veracity of the existence of the particular truth being conveyed?

True, the non-fiction essay form is similar to the steps and process of the scientific method: hypothesis, experiment and observation, thesis, proof and analysis, and conclusion/theory. Is it because poetry seems to deviate from the scientific method that some look askance at it?

Well, now I have good impetus/inspiration/reason for finishing/tweaking a post on "Why Read/Study/Teach Poetry?"

And maybe my friend can add "Why Study/Practice/Teach Pure Science?" to his blog fodder list.

To be continued...

On tap for the evening


It's lovely to have friends who gots da hook-up! ;o)

Trivia Challenge: The actor who plays Serenity's captain was a regular for a while on a soap opera back in the 90s. Which soap opera was it?

Yes, I watched soaps in high school in college. Snicker all you like... I've beaten the addiction: I'm soap opera free now.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

New biography of C. S. Lewis's life

Read an article about this book and found a great quote from C. S. Lewis's stepson, Douglas Gresham, the author of this particular biography:

I am sometimes asked what it is like living in the shadow of such a great man, and I always point out that Jack did not leave a shadow behind him but a glow. If I am able to reflect even the slightest spark of that glow, I am more than happy to do so.

What a wonderful tribute! What a wonderful legacy to leave!

Reminds me of my life word: illuminate

Monday, September 26, 2005

Don't Get Stuck on Stupid

Best sound byte from the entire Katrina-Rita episode...

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nashville's Benefit Concert for the Lousiana Philharmonic Orchestra

Nashville has invited as many members of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestara who can, to come to our city and play together in a concert on October 4. Mark O'Connor will perform with them, and members of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra will play in place of those LPO members who cannot make it.

Click on the blog entry title, for more information and to learn how to purchase a ticket.

I'm back!

After a LOOOOONG bout of writer's block, I'm back with plenty of blog fodder. It'll take a while to get through my wish list of things on which to opine, but God willing---I'll do it, even if it takes me into 2006.

Hope you are staying dry, cool, fed, and hydrated!