Monday, May 09, 2005

The Woman in Black, Avenged

I am in all black today... my neighbor across the hall at work calls me "The Woman in Black" and likes to compliment me when I'm wearing an outfit with color (especially if no black is in evidence). Well, he's out of town, and the other work neighbor said, "I don't care what Yella Jacket says; you look good in black."

Yes, yes, I do. Which is why I'm glad that wearing all black to a wedding is no longer a fashion and social faux pas... At my cousin CardinalFan's wedding, I wore all black, and reviewing the photo, I looked darned good.

You know, I'd rather people wear all black to weddings than wear jeans...unless the wedding party is all in jeans. And that would be an interesting wedding, wouldn't it? Rather casual... I suppose horsies would be involved...or a beach. I would hope. Definitely NOT appropriate for a church wedding!

Until the ghost of Emily Post comes to haunt me, I shall wear black, even all black, whenever I want!


Arielle said...

Yep. All black has a style and elegance that colors can't duplicate. Sadly I'm having to phase black out of my wardrobe - now that I no longer sleep during the day, black is too hot to wear during a Florida summer day.

Miss O'Hara said...

Ugh. Those folks who wear jeans at weddings... *shudder*

I was at one where a whole fam showed up in an assortment of sweats, basketball jerseys, and shorts.


Wes said...

Could be worse. In Hawaii, they wear hula hoops & skirts.