Sunday, May 01, 2005

What's in a name? Part deux


[See earlier post here.] Found the meanings of the real names of some of my friends ( Here ya go! (Form is "first name's meaning'; "middle name's meaning.")

Pink Kitty---"God is gracious, girl!"; "light" (that fits perfectly!)

Duke Diva---"consecrated to God"; "gracious" (wow...)

StarGazer---"ever-powerful"; "created by God" (how's that for impressive!)

Salsa Guy---"famous spearman, quiet" (how interesting!)

De Novo and Digital Cowboy (same first name)---"warlike, hammer, defender" (quite appropriate!)

Pevey---"shining light, high mountain, messenger" (something to live up to!)

Nate---Nathan is "gift of God." (don't let it go to your head!)

WellDigger---"bright, famous" (yay!)

Elena---as I said, it's Spanish and it means "the bright one." I like it!


Anonymous said...

To boost myself to further heights of ego-inflation, I would like to mention that my first name (which is of Scandinavian origin, even though I am not) is usually considered to mean "royal" or "sovereign".

Maybe I should get a fancier Ren Fest outfit . . .

Wes said...

Elena, I like the new look of your site (though I also liked the old template). Thanks for linking to me. I've been planning a link to your blog for quite a while now--and to a few others, as well--but I suffer from terminal laziness. I'll get around to it, though.

Darlin' Joy said...

Can anyone tell me what my real first name means?? JOY.

Anonymous said...

Res Ipsa's real name means:

das subverter

Difster said...

But what does Difster mean?

a.p. said...

*sigh* I wish my real name meant Darth Vader. That would be cool.

Joss Fritz said...

My online name is spelled wrong (on purpose), but the close ones can be:
"might, power" in current German or
"battle maiden, strength" in Old German. I'd take the Old German.

And my real name is the feminine form of the Celtic for "God's gift."