Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today's Linkies of Interest

Braymp of De Novo asks, "Do you bling for Jesus?"
How wide is God's mercy? Discuss at Digital Cowboy's place.
Newest blogger StarGazer examines the unholy yoking of companies.

Original Cyberpunk and friends discuss ridiculousnesses.
When you've gone Oompa-Loompa, you've gone too far.

What's in a Name?
What's in a Name? Part Deux

More About Elena
She's currently...
And longing for Narnia
Don't overlook the "Plain Janes"


WellDigger said...

Check out 99.7 WTN ... Your are gonna freak. Just a hint, it involves legislators and TBI agents.

Arielle said...

'Bling for Jesus' - wow, what a title! I was pleasantly surprised by the post, though, it was more thoughtful than I had expected from the title!

digitalcowboy said...

Thanks for linking to me where I was being mean to you.

That proves what a doll you are. I'm gonna do a follow-up post to that one and explain... if I ever get it sorted out in my head.

I love you like you could never believe.