Monday, May 09, 2005

"Omigosh, you're how old?"; or Elena and Age

Last night, for the umpteenth time, someone expressed total shock (and perhaps some awe) that I am 29 and will turn 30 in October. Since some of y'all have never seen me and since I have yet to post photos of myself, you have nothing to which to compare/contrast your idea of my online persona---you can't tell. But I wonder about the opinions of those of you (like Pink Kitty, Ashley the Blue Raider, Duke Diva, StarGazer, and others) who knew me first from the "real world"---do I look THAT young? One person last night said I looked 18. Yikes!

Another commenter, a few weeks back, speculated that it was the Holy Spirit preserving me. Never thought of God as a pickling agent...

Every time someone says this to me, I just respond, "Well, it'll come in handy when I turn 40."


Anonymous said...

Ha! Like I'm gonna answer that question. I may have flubbed a few male/female conversations in my time, but I'm not that stupid.


Pink Kitty said...

I'm not scared... I've answered this question before I think.

Sometime ago, I saw a picture of Elena in high school, taken just months before we met. Sure, she looked younger. But, she didn't look like she had joy.. like there was something big black and empty inside. More weight on your shoulders.

So, yeah... you are older. Big deal. Guess what? You look better than you did 12 years ago (OMG - Has it been 12 years?!). You've got God's grace and the Holy Spirit in you. You are blessed... and you are fabulous.

I hesitate to hear how you would answer this question about me. At least I'm not proclaiming the need for therapy every 10 minutes anymore. :)

Elena said...

Omigosh, I think I'm gonna faint. StarGazer actually left a comment! Wow! *chuckles* Welcome!

PK, you don't really look "older." You look wiser, more mature, and more joyful. More welcoming, more willing to try new things (you have always been more adventurous than I, as we know), more trusting of others, and more discriminating. You care about the things that count and can let the less important ones go. Your sense of humor blows me away.

Thanks for the praise/compliment. :o) Even when I fall of the "Christian wagon," I know that others still see who I am in Christ---and that's what matters.

Anonymous said...

"Omigosh, I think I'm gonna faint. StarGazer actually left a comment! Wow! *chuckles* Welcome!"

Well, after being energized by two invigorating discussions at the Daria message board, I suppose I was just in a talkative mood. Probably not a common occurance.

Nate said...

Why didn't you tell me Ashley the Blue Raider was your sister?

I woulda been nicer man.

Darlin' Joy said...

I've had people ask me what year in high school I'm in. I'm 25.

Wes said...

Someday, it will, indeed, come in handy.

God pickles whom He wills.

Elena said...

Aaaaaaand almost 10 years later, I still get the "You're not !! You look 10 years younger." And next year is the big 4-0.

Handy? Yes, indeed.