Sunday, May 01, 2005



* The Sound on the Page: Style and Voice in Writing by Ben Yagoda
* Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Penguin Classics Edition, reprinted 1986

Listening to:
* Breathing Freely by Ruth McGinnis (instrumental---violin, drums, flute, and more)
* whatever's singable on the radio

* coffee, every morning during the week
* Plantation Mint hot tea, by Bigelow

Eating and enjoying:
* Dove Dark chocolate (gotta have a little chocolatey goodness every day!)
* chicken nuggets---satisfies the protein snacky craving
* Aunt V's strawberry 'n' almonds 'n' bleu cheese topped lettuce salad w/ poppy seed dressing (good stuff!)
* leftover and warmed-up yeast roll from Logan's (all that soft, fermented [yeast] goodness!)

Amazed by/Delighting in:
* ultrasound pics of babies (no, not mine!)
* how darling kittens are when they're really young
* how yummy "rare" steak can taste
* how essential water is to the human body
* technology (I LOVE my new insulin pump!!! Thank you, MiniMed!)
* my understanding a literary criticism article on a better[?] level (did my brain flip a switch?)
* the power of the French blue shirt on a guy (try it!)

Dumbfounded by:
* the persistent misuse of its and it's
* refusals to obey school zone speed limits
* butt bows
* Padmé's dialogue in Revenge of the Sith (let's take away Lucas's laptop, shall we?)
* the MSM's lack of understanding how abstinence pledges are supposed to work (anyone see the segment on Silver Ring Thing on "60 Minutes"? they just don't get it!)

Daydreaming about:
* a really good idea for a poem
* getting my apartment fully straightened up and decorated
* grad school (namely, a PhD in English or an MFA in Creative Writing---first come the two GRE tests, though!)

How'sit with you?

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