Friday, April 22, 2005

Scream for Ice Cream! (Contest)

If you could invent an ice cream flavor, what would be the main ingredients (such as chocolate, pineapple chunks, walnuts, etc.; not MSG and guar gum) and what would you name the flavor?

Prize: Franny, the paper-clip-bedecked fake ficus tree (who lives in my office)

Here's mine...
Flavor: Coffee-flavored ice cream with cinnamon-and-black-pepper-laced brownie bites and a ribbon of fudge
Name: Mi Mocha Loca

Thanks, in advance, for playin'!

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Anonymous said...

Just wanderin' around, and came across your contest.

A banana split made with pumpkin ice cream.

Picture a Jack O' Lantern and call it "Split Scream".


WellDigger said...

Hmmm now here's a topic to "sink your teethe into".

My entry would be old fashioned vanilla ice creme with grated hershey bar, whatchamacallit bar, and chocolate chip cookie dough.
I'd call it "The Dream Creme"

Difster said...

Chocolate ice cream with chunks of cashews in (not on) it.

Flatten it out in a shallow dish about 1/2 thick.

Add a layer of tart strawberry sauce on top.

The next layer of ice cream would be mint chip, again, flattened out.

A light layer of mini M&M's would go on top of that.

I would call it: The Mesa Masterpiece

Anonymous said...

Vanilla bean ice cream with dark fudge pecan pie mixed in.

Dark fudge pecan pie, for the health food types, is traditional pecan pie (made with caro syrup) covered in rich dark fudge on top. This ice cream will be 100% home made with all the fat and sugar one would expect from a fine confectionary creation.
Res Ipsa

Darlin' Joy said...

I have a friend who is a chef, and he made an ice cream called "fire and ice" it's chili flavored ice cream. i have my doubts.

Anonymous said...

milk chocolate ice cream with tons of caramel fudge swirl and bits of Skor bar. "Scandanavian Shuffle"

Nate said...


Cakebatter flavored ice cream, with chocolate chips, fudge, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a hershey's kiss on the top...

I'd call it "Comfort Cream"

Pink Kitty said...


The ladies who own Las Paletas (a gourmet popscicle shop in Nashville) have a pineapple/chili popscicle and one they call "hot chocolate" - chocolate with chili. At Irma's insistance, I tried one of the latter.

"Oh no, dahling... it's not hot at all. Spicy.. yes... but it's not that hot. You will like it."

The first few licks were ok but as you went along it got hotter and hotter.. then I start coughing and threw it out. And when back to my personal favorite: chocolate/chocolate chip.

Because they are hand mixed/made, the level of heat/chocolate chips can vary.

Irma's definition of "hot" and my definition of "hot" are apparently 2 extremely different things.

Darlin' Joy said...

Nate, I tried that cakebatter ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery. It was friggin' awesome! I'm in love, I now have a new favorite flavor of ice cream.

JACIII said...

It's too late Elena,
Hagendaas already makes Chocolate-chocolate chip. There must be Godiva chocolate in there.