Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Polka-dotted Scarf Awards

Somehow that doesn't ring quite like "The Voxies." Oh well... If you have an idea for a better name for my awards, feel free to share.

During the past few weeks (and from before, too), these folks have earned recognition for their kindness, their admirable qualities, or their ability to make me laugh. A porcelain LladrĂ³-like statuette of a young woman waving a scarf goes to you all for these reasons:

Sweetest Gesture: StarGazer. When I was sick Sunday. Thanks, my friend.

Looking Out for My Best Interest: Pink Kitty

Best Coming Out of Shell Moment: SalsaGuy. Shut up long enough, and he'll bare his soul.

Nicest Compliments: digitalcowboy and Res Ispa tie for this one.

Friendliest Bloggin' Females: another tie: Miss O'Hara, Arielle, and bufelda

Best 2-by-4 Postings: yet another tie: Vox Day, Nate, and digitalcowboy

Funniest Rednecks: this would be shared by the brothers three: JACIII, Welldigger, and Nate (reflecting the birth order)

Funniest Blogger: Jeff of Protein Wisdom

Cuttin' to the Heart of the Issue: Wes, Res Ispa, Difster

Challenging Me Spiritually and Intellectually: braymp, SalsaGuy, StarGazer, and Pink Kitty

Best Kick in the Tookas: Ashpenaz

Best Listening to Me Whine: JRMama


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind mention, and for updating the blog. I just couldn’t relate to the whole pantyhose thing.

Res Ipsa

Anonymous said...

wherever there is a tookas, I shall be there to kick it...
this award will go next to my national latin exam awards and the "most easy going" award from 4th grade

Elena said...

I can't believe it! You FINALLY posted a comment here!!!

Hey, go back in the archives and read my entry about our adventures in the country. Funny stuff!

Wes said...

Thanks for mentioning me, Elena. I appreciate the kind word.

Difster said...

Hey, I'm on a list and it's not a bad list. Cool!

digitalcowboy said...

A tie?

A tie?

Res is a nice guy but I'm freakin' in love with you!

What's a "2-by-4" post? Is that a kind way to say I'm too harsh?

Elena said...

A "2-by-4," metaphorically speaking, is any message of truth delivered so effectively that the person states, "Wow! I really needed, but didn't want, to hear that. And I wasn't paying attention." It's as if someone smacks you upside the head with a wooden 2-by-4. Pink Kitty and I use the expression quite frequently.

Ah, dearie, you are only one of several admirers. You each have your own place, but my heart is on reserve. Like a fine wine...a bit more aging is needed, and only the one who has the key to the reserve cellar will be allowed to enter.

OK, you can all retch now. I think I'm making myself wanna barf with all this sappiness. But I am queen of the metaphor! Ahahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I am honored to be called friendly by you! You are gifted and I can't imagine anyone more deserving of that award than you. Even when disagreeing you have a gentleness about it. How's this for sappy?

Anonymous said...

That was me. :)