Thursday, March 03, 2005

Swiss Cake Roll of a Movie: _50 First Dates_

Just as the snack cake analogy suggests, this movie has less nutritional value than say, The Passion of the Christ, but it tastes oh so good!

Adam Sandler plays Henry Roth, a Hawaiian veterinarian working at an aquarium who is notorious for sleeping around with female tourists and then ditching them with a cleverly-devised excuse. Rob Schneider dons self-tanner, a ponytail, and some kinda odd accent and plays Adam's sidekick, Ula, aka Idiot #1 in the movie. Ula lives vicariously through Adam's exploits, having a "boring" life himself with five kids and an oversized wife.

Drew Barrymore is the endearing Lucy, who's suffering from short-term memory damage from an auto accident, which means that she wakes up every morning thinking it is the October day when her vehicle hit the tree.

Her dad and brother (played by Sean Astin with an annoying lisp and presence of mesh tank tops over bulging muscles; this is Idiot #2) try to keep things as normal and even keeled as possible.

Henry meets Lucy in the cafe at which she eats breakfast every day. The chemistry is nice, comfortable, fun...with a bit of sparkle. Henry does eventually find out Lucy's "problem," and he puts into action a crazy, creative plan to win her heart anew every day.

The addition of Henry in Lucy's life throws a monkey wrench into their daily routines. Is the monkey wrench a good thing?

I'd spoil the movie for you if I gave away the rest. Listing the wonderful things to "learn" will suffice:
* Love worth having is love worth working for.
* Obstacles are not impossible to overcome, with hard work.
* Faithfulness and loyalty are sexy too.
* A life lived in fear is a life half lived. (polka-dotted scarf wave to Strictly Ballroom)
* Love can come in a quirky package and still be wonderful.
* Humor goes a long way.
* Sometimes what we think is the right and best thing to do turns out not to be the best thing to do. (Hmm...although that verges on situation ethics. Ergh...)

It's a cute movie. And makes the girls go, "Oh, a guy who would do all that! Wow..." Yeah, it's a chick flick. But hey, watch it with your woman, guys, and I'm sure she'll reward ya good!

three and a half polka dots



Anonymous said...

Typical chick flick.

Main theme, “I’m so great men love me even though I can’t remember them form one day to the next, I’m so worth it.”

OK I watched and liked it too, I just had to put up some fight before admitting it.

digitalcowboy said...

I tend to be OK with "chick flicks," though I haven't seen this one.

The most recent one that I really liked was "Sweet Home Alabama."

Chick flicks are definitely much better when viewed with a chick, cuddling on the couch. In that case, I like "To Have and Have Not," "Casablanca," and "Dark Passage" - in that order. Not that those are necessarily chick flicks, but just try to find a he-man that will watch 'em with ya.

digitalcowboy said...

Or has ever heard of the first and last of them.

Anonymous said...

"just try to find a he-man that will watch 'em with ya."

Ain't gonna cuddle with ya either ya big sissy

Anonymous said...

"...some kinda odd accent..."

Pidgin, Hawaiin Pidgin to be exact.

I think I have liked almost all of the Adam Sandler movies I have ever seen. I liked this one too.

Small bit of trivia from the movie... If you remember, from the movie, "The Pudding Guy" (getting over a million frequent flier miles from buying lots of pudding), that story is true. It was talked about in the movie.


Arielle said...

"just try to find a he-man that will watch 'em with ya."

Ain't gonna cuddle with ya either ya big sissy

Bwahahaha! You did set yourself up for that one, DC!