Monday, February 07, 2005

Post-game Wrap-up

I'm learnin' about this thing called Super Bowl at a time. This year I could at least see where the ball was most of the time. Well, only 'cause I squished up my eyes and tried to find it...and I had a seat closer to the screen this year. I really wanted a zoom feature...or some kind of bright color on the ball. All those blue and green uniforms and white and green on the field...a brown ball just gets lost.

Did anyone else think that both teams seemed to be asleep? Kinda like last year? Last year's game got exciting in the second half. This year's was a snore fest pretty much the entire way through. I did see some interesting flips and twirls to catch the ball or to move away from another player.

So...Pink Kitty, Duke Diva, StarGazer (accessorized w/ laptop), Salsa Guy, and I (cute in my open-toed shoes---it was nice 'n' balmy in TN) went to a fellow church member's home for the game. Gorgeous house!!! All singletons there... we had a blast doing an MST3K treatment of the game, the commercials, and the half-time show. Two diehard McCartney fans made it interesting. You know who you are! ;o)

My vote for best commercial was the AmeriQuest advert that had the boyfriend diligently working on a romantic dinner and suffering the misfortune of a curious kitty getting into the marinara sauce. Girlfriend comes home and sees the be-redded furrball...and the boyfriend holding said furrball with meat cleaver in hand. Ooh, see his cool points going down the drain right there.

I've got a suggestion for the female version of the three dolls: Bratty Princess (complete with Daddy's credit card), Psycho Corporate She Beast (fangs and sharp finger nails), and Rabid Feminazi (hairy pits and scary eyeglasses).

Also liked the Diet Pepsi commercial with the hottie walking down the street and then...horror! He and Carson (of the Queer Eye Quints) had a "moment"! So not right. Hilarious...but not right.


Nate said...

I'm so disappointed... I don't even have the words right now...

How can you know one of those guys off the top of your head? How can you refer to that walking builboard for pretty boy metrosexuality as a "hottie"?

I'm just sick to my stomach right now... I'll have to go... maybe later I can get up the gumption to come back and scold you properly.

Elena said...

Nate, dearie, calm down. I thought he was a hottie till he and Carson had that exchange. (Blame Pink Kitty for my exposure to Queer Eye.) Eye candy only. I have a thing for a set of beautiful eyes and eyelashes on a guy.

But you're right. He's not real. He's plastic. And guys like him want women who are just as plastic...or men who are. (Eww!)

Real men are... Well, real.

And the commercial reminded me of the Diet Coke commercial from years ago. I liked the homage.