Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mint Julep of a Movie: _The Long Hot Summer_

Recently I watched the late 1950s production of _The Long Hot Summer_. Wow... great flick! It stars Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Orson Welles, and Lee Remick. Paul plays a drifter who finds employment doing odd jobs for a small Southern town's main businessman (ie. he owns nigh everything in sight). Joanne's the pretty but plainly-dressed younger sister. Lee's married to Joanne's brother. The brother desires to please his father, played by Orson, but for most of the movie, fails miserably.

The on-screen chemistry between Paul and Joanne is fabulous, heightened by their off-screen romance, which was heating up like the Southern summer weather in which the cast was filming. Joanne is the proverbial schoolmarm and old maid at 23 or 24. And Paul sets out to stir up the passion hidden inside her. She wants none of it. Or does she?

Pater familias promises Paul all sorts of things if he'll take the obstinate daughter as his wife. Pater wants a passel of grandkiddies to ensure his immortality. Paul complies...for a time.

Joanne plays the older daughter with grace. She seems cold but she's not really. She's passionate about keeping her purity. She explains to Paul that she has something of worth that he cannot understand and that she will not give away willy-nilly. She deserves to be cherished and respected, and she'll wait for the man worthy of her.

Good woman!

Watch the movie to see if Paul turns out to be the barn burner and bum everyone thinks he is.

Five polka dots!

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