Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hero Award of the Week

goes dad!

Last night I made a surprise visit to my parents' home. SewMama (Mom) and I chatted for a bit. And LuvsTrains (Dad) was in the basement, as usual. I tromped downstairs to say hello to Dad, and he and I hugged (sometimes gals just need those good daddy hugs) and chatted for a bit too.

Reason #1:
He gave me a teddy bear. Spontaneous gift-giving.

Reason #2:
He was patient with me last night. This is the man who snapped at me a lot when I was a little girl. I don't know exactly what has caused him to be gentler with me in the past few years, but I know God's behind it. :o)

Reason #3:
He came to my rescue. My car's temp gauge was climbing, even though I was running the heat on such a cold night. Dad met me at the store where I had parked the car and came inside to look for me. (Again, no barking at me. Amazing!) We examined the car and discovered that it needed coolant. Dad helped me decipher the info. in the owner's manual and helped me pick out a good choice for coolant. Then he put coolant in the tank for me. Yay! (Car seems to be doing fine now.)

I had been wanting to see him for the past couple of weeks. Mom and I always had the better relationship and it's usually her I'm going to see and talk with mostly when I go "home." (Dad's not the talker that I am.) But this time my visit was really more about seeing him. And though he may not think of it this way, he showed me much grace. And he took an interest in me, asking me about things...even reminding me about things I need to take care of...but with such gentleness. It was like Valentine's Day came early!

I think God's using my dad to show me Himself......which is something I knew He could do but felt would never happen.

God can use anything to encourage our faith in Him. Anything. And anyone.

Hear Him whisper: "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" Hear Him reassure you: "Nothing is impossible with God."

Who are your heroes this week? How is God encouraging your faith in Him?

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Pink Kitty said...

That is so stinking cool. Yay!