Thursday, February 10, 2005

Great Posts of the Week

Dating and Marriage Articles and Posts
Singletons, you don't have to marry someone who isn't God's best for you. Even if you're already engaged. I broke an engagement. If you need to, you ought to! Read this.

Pink Kitty's got a great blog entry about the messages that TV is sending about our men. Check out the comments as well.

Digital Cowboy's ridin' tall in the saddle over at his place and openin' eyes to the truth. Check it out.

Dr. Bray {wow, that sounds odd to say...} is contemplating Ash Wednesday and Lent.

Happy reading and commenting!

Any recommendations of other blogs or sites? Remember, they must be SFW. Thanks!


digitalcowboy said...

Thanks for the link, darlin'.

I'm sorry I didn't get the post I promised you last night published like I said I would. I hate breaking my word, even over something so small.

I got the kids to bed, sat down to relax for a few minutes and fell asleep on the couch.

I'll finish it and get it up some time today.

Anonymous said...

I had to remember what SFW meant. At first I thought it was short hand for Single White (slightly dyslexic) Female.


Nate said...

hey Elena... You're a sweetheart darlin'. Love ya.