Wednesday, January 12, 2005

*Insert generic whining noise here*

Not much going on. Not much on my mind. I wanna nap. And I'm gonna whine about it. *commence whining*

It's just one of those afternoons. Nothing to say, so why am I writing? I dunno.

If you've arrived here looking for my thoughts on LOTR, the movies and the books, sorry 'bout the delay in posting on the topic, but it's gonna have to wait till the synapses are firing properly.

Oh, yeah, a big plastic piece fell off my car today. Oh, joy. I had to park the car in a nearby lot, trudge into the street, pick up the large debris, and stow the thing in the back seat. Yep, old Ebeneezer is officially jalopy material. All I need are some bad mariachi music, complete loss of air conditioning, and a collection of tacky rearview mirror decorations...and the tranformation will be complete. And you know, driving a hunter green '96 Honda Accord LX that's falling apart negates any diva points achieved by a fabulous outfit, cute hair, and cool shades. Let the Eau de Geek waft through the air. At last I OWN the car now.

*end whining*

Good things for today?
I'm breathing. I can see. I've managed not to bruise myself today. I've enjoyed some good cups of coffee. Chocolate is still yummy.

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