Monday, December 13, 2004

Mating Call of the Geeks

I was in a local Borders this past Thursday, feelin' cute and lookin' for good children's books and whatever else I could find. Made some excellent discoveries (like the interactive _Egyptology_ book and the Jane Monheit CD on sale for $15.99). Made my way to the checkout counter.

Alex was the clerk. And no, he wasn't FINE, but he was a tall, dark-headed, regular guy sort of way. He looked like a nice guy who was happy with his life. Something burned in my chest. (Whopper burger scarfed down in the car, maybe? Or was it my "future husband detector" going off?) I wanted to ask him what he liked about working at old he was, does he want children, did he love Jesus. I kept stealing looks at him. He'd grin. I'd grin. Only slightly. Well, then a little more. But always a little controlled. I chuckled/giggled a bit and said hi. He chuckled a bit and said hi. The transaction went quietly and smoothly. I had a reckless thought---"Maybe I should write my phone number on the receipt." But my shy self who likes to play by The Rules checked that thought---"Nope. The guy should make the first move." So I just left him with another nice smile and a bit of a strut out the door.

I'm sure I'll return to this Borders. It's a good location and usually easy to get in and out of, both store and parking lot. I'll let you know if I see Alex again. :o)


Nate said...

Ditch the "rules" sweetheart. If julie played by those, we'd never have gone out.

Elena said...

I know, I know, Nate. I should have clarified: I don't adhere to _The Rules_. I'm talking about "the rules" that many of us Christian single gals have about letting the guy make the first move. Too many of us have tried to create relationships that either never materialized or failed miserably. Too many of us do the wooing and then wonder if the guy really does think we're cute and pretty (and not just smart and funny) and really wants to be more than "just friends." A woman's being the pursuer makes it too easy on the guy.

Yes, I know, this generalization is not applicable to every situation.

But you know what? I want the guy to pursue me. And please let him be someone I actually want to be with!

Nate said...

Nothin wrong with wantin' to be chased darlin'. Just make sure you remember one very important thing. Women have always done the chasin'. it's pretty easy really... you convince us to chase you, and we never even know it until later.

I've seen it done to many times.