Tuesday, October 26, 2004

What a girl wants

Since my birthday is Saturday, I thought I'd give you my wish list (in no particular order). Donations to the "Get Elena Through Grad School" Fund are also welcome.

* Completion of Briley Parkway construction, all Music City drivers to use turn signals, and....oh, yes....world peace (*grin* ~ting!~)
* The perfect black dress
* A Wheel of Time paperback that doesn't lose its cover after the first week of reading
* Cube-shaped eggs
* The answer to "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"
* A pen whose ink flows smoothly and is perfect for writing on ANY kind of paper
* An unused box of Crayola crayons made BEFORE all the wacky new colors
* My own little ivy-covered cottage and herb garden
* An amazing book collection for the cottage's library nook
* A comedic role in a Broadway musical
* Pantyhose that does not snag or run
* A refrigerator with ice maker
* Myst: Uru for my new computer
* Donations for the purchase of my new computer (make checks out to TrainDad and SewMom, personal computer shoppers)
* A trip to Great Britain, Spain, and Italy
* My name on a brick in the Bicentennial Mall
* Lifetime supply of Reese's Pieces and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
* Case of diet root beer
* High tea in Ireland
* A mini-break stay in a castle
* Arwen's silver and crystal necklace

Or just fond wishes and prayers for a good 2004-05...


The Pink Kitty said...

Happy early birthday Elena!

Miss O'Hara said...

Happy birthday Elena! :D

Nate said...

Happy Birthday Darlin!

Now the question is... Who gets to give ya the Birthday Spankin'?

Elena said...

I think we were gonna get the cabana boy to do it, but he already took the day off. I'm seriously displeased with him.

Hmm...I did get slapped in the thigh by a branch at Radnor Lake.