Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Male Actors in Their 30s: Yowzah!

Cutie patooties in their 30s...*grin*

Jack Black (when he's in his less scruffy moments; hey, he's funny and cuddly)
Samuel West (Prince Caspian has grown up!)
Anthony Howell (Sweet scientist guy into bugs in PBS's Wives and Daughters miniseries)
Alessandro Nivola (conniving Henry Crawford in Mansfield Park)
Stuart Townsend ("I didn't get to be Aragorn after all.")
Toby Stephens (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall; Possession)
Jonny Lee Miller (more Mansfield Parkage)
Gerald Butler (taking Michael Crawford's spot in Phantom of the Opera; Timeline; Tomb Raider 2 [did he HAVE to blow off Lara? *sigh*]; Reign of Fire)
Paul Walker (Fast and Furious; Timeline)
Rufus Sewell (plays villains and good guys well)
Hugh Jackman (need I say more?)
Hugh Dancy
Ioan Gruffudd (can't pronounce his name, but he's cute)
Ethan Hawke
Matthew McConaughey (had to)
Tom Ward
Matthew Settle
Brendan Fraser (hello, Rick!)
Oded Fehr (hello, that guy that rides the horsie and has the cool tatoos!)
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Henry Thomas (ET's cutie's all grown up)
Marc Blucas
Matthew Marsden
Ben Miller
Jason Behr
Adam Rodriguez
Jared Leto
Kerr Smith
Scott Wolk
Matthew Fox
Kyle Chandler
Dylan Neal

*sigh* James Purefoy turned 40 this year, so he can't qualify for this particular category, but me still likey, likey.

OK, that's enough listing for now. I'm plum tuckered out.


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The Pink Kitty said...

Matthew McConaughey... sigh.... yum. Love him in Dazed and Confused ("Alright, Alright") :) This is a list of very yummy men