Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Happy Birthday, Ashpenaz!

On this day, in 1979, a dark-fuzzy-haired wee babe arrived to bless our family. Except for Pink Kitty, Ashes is my "bestest friend in the world!" Ashes has endured many a wild 'n' woolly Elena moment, including those involving my learning to drive. She went through my first "living away from the parents" experience with me as one of my three roomies. She has been there through boyfriends and countless crushes (ie. long conversations about boys and men and our confusion about them). She has advised me on all things artistic, from interior decorating to my wardrobe. I credit her with drawing out my growing sense for color. She encourages me, keeps me accountable, laughs with me, cries with me, and cooks me food! ;o) She is loyal and generous, creative and hard-working. I admire the determined person she has become.

Seven years ago, we went before the church together to profess our faiths in Christ. (Neither one of us knew the other was going down front to talk to the pastor. We ended up on the aisle and walking to the altar together!) Three weeks later we both were baptized in the same worship service. Ashes is the only woman who is doubly my sister: by family blood and by the blood of Christ.

Happy 25th, little sister! I love you!!!


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The Pink Kitty said...

Aww, your post made me get all misty eyed. I miss my little sis a lot. I can't wait until my mom and I drive down to UCSB for Parents weekend and I get to see her again. My sister and I used to be mean to each other and would always tell on each other and yell and fuss at each other. Then, when our parents got divorced when I tured 18, we got really close and have gotten closer and closer each year. She's my best friend too! Sisters are the best!

So, Happy Birthday Elena's little sis! :)