Friday, September 03, 2004

Wanna party Pink Kitty style?

PK's gotten into online chatting while watching poli sci stuff on TV (ie. RNC nite o' the stars). If you are politically inclined (read: Libertarian or Republican...or a not-so-scary Democrat) and would like to chat online with other bloggers or lurkers during some of the debates or on election night, drop a comment over at Pink Kitty's Scratching Post with your ID. I think she's using Yahoo!, so you probably have to Yahoo! too in order to participate. But hey, what's another membership? Don't we all have, like, 50 gazillion of them?

It's amazing that we can all keep up with our usernames and passwords. Talented folk we are!


The Pink Kitty said...

Well hello there :)

Thank you for your comments on my blog. I'm glad to read that you love P&P because just as "Single men of large fortune must be in want of a wife", I believe English teachers/writers must be a fan of Jane Austen! How could you not love her writing style, laced with wit and sarcasm and social commentary! :) I sometimes seriously regret my choice of majors in college and wish that instead of persuing marketing, I went with the English Major I wanted so that I could go to Oxford and become an Austen Scholar. Oh well. At least I can still reread the books as treats to myself.

29 is still young! ;) When I turned 23 this year, my sister had to point out that I'm only 7 years away from 30 and for some reason, that really put a damper on my birthday. But, I always comfort myself with the fact that as times change, 30 is becomming a younger age than it was before and that shows like Sex in the City made it ok to be 35 and single (although, I hope to have at least one little ankle bitter and a husband by the age of 35). I definitely think you're right, the distance between 23 and 29, while numerically not that large, is a vast one in that so much can happen to a person to influence them in that time. It's like the Marina McBride song, "This One's for the Girls" (hot dang I know my country music!), I'm still "...all those girls around 25 in little apartments just tryin' to get by, livin' on dreams and sphagettio's (although in my case it's Top Ramen but I guess that doesn't rhyme with very much), wonderin' where my life is gonna go". I would think by 29 I would have at least upgraded to TV dinners! ;)

So, Once again, thanks for posting. I definitely welcome comments on my writing. I know that my subject matter doesn't really provide for much discussion because lately all I do is whine about this guy that I'm seeing, but I would love comments on my style, my diction and my general compositional ability. And, as I'm always posting, I will write something of great literary merit at some point! :)

Have a good one!

The Pink Kitty said...

Just had to also add that I noticed you like the BBC version of P&P. Have you watched the A&E Version? I ADORE the A&E version. I love love love it! But that's probably in part because I love Colin Firth! And I love Bridget Jones' Diary too! Have you read the book too?