Friday, September 03, 2004

Sleepin' with an enemy?

Heehee...not what you thought, was it?

Well, I've joined YET another blogging outfit, so the link will get you to that page. You have to join their org (free, of course) to be able to comment there...which explains why I joined. I must say...I do like being able to put up icons with links when I want to let the world know what I'm reading or what's in my CD player. So go check it out. Just for kicks 'n' grins.


Michael Hickerson said...

Is blogging now like Pokemon--we've gotta collect 'em all? ;-)

Elena said...

Well, why not? I've collected many things over the years. ;o) Blessedly, NOT Garbage Pail Kids cards. Do you remember those?

I joined Xanga so's I couldst comment on a friend's blog. Now I just found out that another friend started a Xanga blog. How convenient!

So how did you find me, of all blogs?