Tuesday, September 28, 2004

If you're gonna score a Jane Austen movie...

Please leave out the 80s electric guitar and saxophone.

Bless their pea-pickin' little hearts at the BBC or wherever or whoever over there in jolly ole England made this version of Jane Austen's _Northanger Abbey_....but OMIGOSH, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Classical music of the period of the events of the book should be used for a high-quality Jane Austen adaptation. NOT cheesy B-movie horror flick musical scoring.

The deal is...Catherine Moreland (Jane Austen's most giggly heroine) is a voracious reader of Gothic horror novels, especially those written by a one Mrs. Radcliffe. In this movie adaptation, Catherine is seen envisioning dreadful kidnappings of her own person, tyings down to ornately carved beds, and daring rescues by blond Englishmen on horseback. What more could a girl ask for? And the music underscores the dreadful yet romantic visions she conjures up in her vivid imagination. Thus, the producers/writers inclusion of the electric guitar and saxophone. (Which I, of course, think are quite unnecessary for creating that delicious spine-tingling mood.)

These musings eventually get Catherine into trouble. She is invited by the sister of the gentleman whose romantic interest she has garnered (and returns) to stay with the family. Guess where? In their medievalish castle home, which bears the same name as the title of the book. Catherine views the family dynamics through the lens of her Gothic novel-reading. "Disaster" ensues. But, as in Pandora's box, hope still remains. Watch it for yourself, but you have been forewarned about the cheese factor.

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