Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Brief Tale of Ralph

Do you remember The Mouse and the Motorcycle? Wasn't the mouse's name Ralph?

Anyway, Bama Girl and I earned the delight of being the furry Empress Kitty's sitters for several days while unfurry Empress Pink Kitty went on vacation with Duke Diva.

On the first morning that was my turn to feed the feline, upon checking the kitchen counter for the cat food, I was greeted by a plateful of dead rodent and a little note from Bama Girl: "Elena, Kitty left us a present." Wasn't Bama Girl nice to leave it for me to share in the joy of Miss Kitty's triumph over the little mousie?

The poor thing was intact, thankfully. He looked exactly as if he had died while riding a miniature motorcycle and had just fallen off the thing. And Pink Kitty not there to share in the joy. Sadness... I'm sure Kitty herself was shedding a feline tear over that.

Well, Ralph got dumped into the trash bag and deposited in his crypt, the waste basket, in the kitchen, where he stayed until the stench of dead mammal assaulted Pink Kitty on her arrival home. Oops! *Note to self: When disposing of dead rodent, take plastic bag receptacle all the way to outside container. Dead mouse over a long period of time = stinky, stinky stink!!!*

Later I learned that Furry Kitty had brought Ralph in to play. Ralph didn't want to play. Pink Kitty didn't want Ralph to stay to play either. (Notice that feline children don't ask their parents permission to invite playmates in for a play date.) Pink Kitty was trying to pack for vacation. Furry Kitty didn't care. Ralph didn't care either. He just wanted to get away from that four-legged furry thing with CLAWS and TEETH!!! So he scurried under something and hid.

We don't know if Ralph died of a heart attack or succumbed to the playful wrath of Furry Kitty, but died he nonetheless.

RIP, Ralph.

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