Friday, August 27, 2004

New furniture at the casita

My wee little apartment, La Casita, has new furniture. At least it's new to me. And Pink Kitty helped me christen it with a Pampered Chef party Tuesday night. My guests included Elena's Mom, StarGazer, Salsa Guy, Texas Sisterchick, Photo&Song, and the best PC lady in the world--GOPMama.

A good time was had by all eating the yummy brie dip and the silky chocolate fondue. Check out the Pampered Chef Web site for the fondue recipe, plus others.

Much of the furniture came from Pink Kitty's dad DetectoMan's estate. (Detecto died of a sudden heart attack earlier this year.) I said to PK, "Ashpenaz comes over to help clean; I come over to shop!!!" PK is thrilled to have some of the stuff out of her dad's and now in a new home...all cutened up with recent purchases from Pier 1!

I LOVE Pier 1!!! And NOT because of the Fab 5 member, Thom. NO! It's a great store, and the location from which I bought my desk and chair has the friendliest sales associates in the Music City area. Colors for this fall range from rich reds and oranges to deep purples and luscious greens. Embellishment is the name of the game. A little flash here, a little beadwork there---it's a beautiful thing.

So La Casita is getting a makeover, and she is one cute chiquita of a casita. Lots more red than used to be. Less blue. More warmth. Let's heat up those white walls! I would love to paint, but I'm not sure what the management would think about cinnamon or terra cotta or pumpkin.

I'll let you know how the home office redecorating goes. La Casita is saying adios to the twin bed and the Mary Engelbreit look, in favor of something more exotic and sassy. La Casita's senorita is hoping to donate said twin bed to the local women's transitional housing program. And some of the other items may go as well.

Well, the laundry-filing-movie hour is coming, so Elena must skeedaddle.

Don't forget to check out "the OTHER blog," Cozy Cuppa Corner, at (Cut and paste into your browser.) I've posted new revisions of poetry I've had sitting around in the hard drive for a while. Let me know what you think.

¡Hasta de lunes!


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Miss O'Hara said...

Pier 1 is wonderful! (My mommy works there, so I get a pleasant discount. Mwah ha ha)