Monday, July 12, 2004

Things I really like

* Earl Grey tea, hot
* claret red...the color of my bathroom shower curtain and the accent color in my bedroom
* _Jane Eyre_: book and various movie adaptations
* musicals, old and new
* a gorgeous sunset (I always sleep too late for the sunrises.)
* babbling brooks (teehee...the ditzy poet coming out!)
* the right pen (see an earlier post)
* scones
* silver jewelry
* my sister's smile
* SoundMan's version of Strongbad's email chant
* Pink Kitty's sense of humor
* the real Empress Kitty's rabbit-like fur
* Lord of the Rings: books and movies
* The Chronicles of Narnia: books and TV movie adaptations
* The Chieftains
* Bridget Jones Diary: books 1 and 2, the movie
* chicken kabobs
* Pad Thai
* Mom's homemade soups
* Caesar salad
* French Vanilla pudding
* diet Coke with lime
* blank journals
* Shakespeare's sonnets
* Isaiah 61
* a teddy bear covered in alpaca fur
* old letters
* lip gloss or lip balm (In years past, I attempted to collect every flavor in existence. Ashpenaz thwacked me several times over that one.)
* blogging ;o)

Back to the freelance project. Ciao, dahlings!

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