Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Soup, words, mullets, and more

I'm in a chunky Campbell's soup haze right now. (I know...that made NO sense.)

Thought of another howler this afternoon: "I've taken a turn for the banal."

Maybe I have. Gotta look that one up in the good ol' Webster's.

So what's the gal been up to these days? Not much, folks. I did catch several flicks over the weekend. Not at the theater. At Ashpenaz's place and in my own little cozy corner of the world.

The Boyfriend (this would be Ashpenaz's) selected two movies for our viewing pleasure: _I'm Gonna Get You Sucka_ and _American Mullet_.

The first one was merely odd. The classic moment was the pimp-mac-daddy's leaving prison with platform shoes with aquarium heels. Not painted in aquarium murals. Oh, no. These were actual aquariums---glass containers complete with water, rocks, and fish. They didn't survive long on the mean streets...neither the shoes nor the fish.

The second flick was priceless. I've got to watch it again just to catch all of the absurdity. My greatest conclusion from the movie is that the average mullet wearer knows that she or he looks odd to the general public and is horribly out of fashion...and DOESN'T CARE!!! You would be an idiot not to have concluded the same thing. They make it obvious. So this isn't proof of my mental prowess. It's merely the information that nearly knocked me off the couch onto the plate o' pizza. WHY, oh WHY would anyone want to do that to himself or herself? OH, OH! And then...one of the special features (you know...the quality of the DVD is often measured by the variety of its special features) was about one near-mullet-wearin' dude's cardboard motorcycle. A CARDBOARD motorcycle! Covered in some kind of fancy irridescent Mylar. Yep, white with a rainbow effect on top. I'm baffled---how does he keep the thing from catchin' on fire???

Now for the greatest achievement of the weekend, aside from Channel 4's near-excellent coverage of Nashvegas's fireworks display: the purchase of a GREEN POLKA-DOTTED BAG!!! Yes, found at a supah-dupah Wally World in the wee sma's. Transluscent with baby blue and light lime green polka-dotted and trimmed in the same baby blue. OK, yes, it's one of those plastic totes you're seeing all the fashionista girls carrying (or the middle-aged fashionista wannabes). But it was the closest thing I've found. AND it was only $10. Yep, it had "Elena" written all over it.

And they had polka-dotted covered spiral notebooks. (An office supplies junkie's dream season: back to school.) Of course, I bought one. Now...what to write in it?

And you ought to see what I've got collected for Pink Kitty's birthday. Yep, this year she gets actual presents, not IOUs. How marvelous! It's gonna be a kitty kitty day!!

OK, so Iraq is governing itself, and John Kerry and John Edwards are running mates. And supposedly Saddam has no connection with Al Qaeda whatsoever. Right. I get sick of the obsession the media has with some of these stories. We have some overly flagellated deceased equines lying about here. Enough!

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