Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Rednecks from childhood

Picture it: Nashvegas. TPAC. (That would be the Tennessee Performing Arts Center. Think plays, operas, and symphonic concerts. You with me?) Late 1980s. Big hair---the kind with bangs that stand up to greet you---was in. It was really in. I'm in the fifth, sixth, seventh, or eighth grade at the time. I don't know for sure which one. It's one of those field trip days. And kids are buzzin' on being out of the classroom.

During intermission, eyeglasses-wearin' and not-that-cool me accompanies a gal pal to the rest room. (Gals are biologically required to take a companion to the ladies room.) We do our bid-ness and wait for an open spot to wash hands.

And I hear it. You can hear it, and picture it too. Frizz-curled Miss Thang standing at the sink, bending towards the mirror, brandishing a brush and a huge can of AquaNet. She says, and I kid you not, with great dismay and frustration in her voice, after spraying what must have been three quarters of the can onto the nest o' bangs: "KREE-stuhl, I cain't git mah har high 'nuff!!!"

My friend and I high-tailed it out of there, stifling our guffahs until we were at a safe distance.

Miss Thang and her friend "KREE-stuhl" were from a different part of Metro, I guarantee it.

True story. Believe it, or not.


Nate said...

Hey darlin'!

How do you know DJ? Did you go to CCHS?

Pink Kitty said...

See, I didn't tell everyone before you had a chance.

Elena said...

DJ and I were in class together at Belmont.

Saw him in the play Dancing at Lughnasa. He was the narrator. Itty bitty theater. Which is why they call it The Little Theater. Hee!

Elena said...

I went to Brentwood High School. We moved to Williamson Co. in '88. In the Metro days, I went to Cole Elementary (K through 2nd), then Cole Annex (3rd and 4th), then Carter-Lawrence Elementary (5th and 6th), then McMurray Middle (7th), then Brentwood Middle (8th). And you know the rest.

Nate said...

Ahh... Sounds like you went to mcmurry with the kids who went on to Johnny O' in my class. Did you graduate in 91 or 92?

Elena said...

Brentwood High School Bruins, class of 1993