Saturday, June 19, 2004

Prayer request update

If you prayed for me about the volunteering opportunity, thank you!!! I signed up and am now a volunteer overnight host, spending the night at our women's ministry center twice a month.

Our residents are coming from local prisons, and these ladies are thrilled to be out from behind bars. They are so excited about starting their lives again, this time with better choices, and about reuniting with their families. The three ladies all have kids.

It's so much fun to ooh and aah over their new clothes. After spending months or years wearing the same outfit, complete with identification number painted on in white or black, these gals are getting to pick out dresses for church.

And to think...this ministry has been in the heart of God all along. Two years ago some women in my church started praying about how to use the building the church owned. They felt it should be used for ministry again. Now two different ministries for women and their families are in the building. People from all over the city and surrounding areas are getting involved with this vital work. It's bringing churches from different denominations together. We may not agree on the right age for baptism, but we know when people need help and love to jump in and do it!

Please pray for the two new gals. They will be job searching for the next several days, and one had trouble getting her state ID yesterday.

Pray for this ministry. God will use this to touch the lives of entire families...effecting change that will continue through generations. He wants to break the cycle of addiction and incarceration...and to help people find true Him!

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