Saturday, June 19, 2004

More great date ideas

[Note: Not all of these would work for a first date. Some are better for second, third, or subsequent dates.]

* While chatting with your lady, take note of her interests. Then find things to do in your area that connect with her interests. And if it's something she's never been to, seen, or done, what an adventure!

---Paint pottery together (we have four or five places here in my city)
---Take your camera (or borrow one) and go on a photo scavenger hunt (thank you to our graphic designer LittleBit for this one)
---Stroll through a historic neighborhood
---Make a snowman (how's that for cheap but fun!) [You can do this year-round with Styrofoam® balls and other craft supplies.]
---Visit people in nursing homes and retirement communities. Share your skills and talents. Bake and take cookies.
---Pet sit together
---Babysit together (this may require a "chaperon," depending on how you are at maintaining boundaries)
---Go to an art gallery
---Attend a lecture
---Rock climbing, rappelling, sky diving, bungee jumping, and so forth
---Laser tag (oh, yeah!)
---Grocery shop and then make dinner together
---Host a dinner party together...everyone pitches in with ingredients and with the cooking duties
---Chaperon a youth function with your church
---Dinner and ballroom dancing
---Country line dancing
---Do yard work for others
---Go around adding change to the parking meters
---Give your own outdoor, on-the-corner concert; put out a hat and see how much change you collect in an hour
---Stand on a sidewalk corner and quote monologues from Shakespearean plays
---Read to each weird voices
---Play card or board games
---Make your own drink mixes for hot beverages; take them to the local police station, fire station, or post office
---Volunteer with your local PBS station or with your local listener-supported Christian radio station
---Give out free water bottles on a hot day
---Decorate small fake Christmas trees with stuff about yourselves
---Make a Birthday-in-a-Box for a friend (the box is a kit for a birthday celebration: hats, noisemakers, confetti, birthday button to wear, snacks...whatever you want to put in there) [thanks to Cactus for this one]
---Write letters to your political representatives on your favorite issues
---Write letters of encouragement to our troops
---Send thank-you notes to people who have influenced your lives; tell each other the stories that include those people
---Visit the VA hospital in your area
---Attend a parade; see who can scream the louder or who can keep waving a flag the longer
---Try a foreign food restaurant
---Get a map of your area and plan a day trip to a part you've never seen
---Shop for steaks and show her your grillmaster skills; challenge her to make mashed potatoes from scratch! (note: don't challenge her on the first date, unless you know she can and will take you up on the challenge)
---Troll the used CD store for the oddest album you can find
---Make a collage together about stuff you like...could be 3D even

* We're blessed to have in my city a lot to do. Of course, there's country music, but there's more than that as well. If you're in Music City ever or live in the area, here are some ideas:

---Predators game
---Titans game
---Pool halls (downtown has at least two)
---Jillians at Opry Mills---games (including skeeball---win her lots of tickets and let her spend them), bowling, dance floor, billiards, Japanese restaurant, regular sports bar & grill
---Opry Mills---more than just Jillian's---themed restaurants, IMAX theater, a Build-a-Bear place (build a stuffed animal together...then take it to a kid in the hospital)
---Grand Old Golf---putt-putt in the Opryland area
---Centennial Park---it gets a little "shady" at night---movies in the park in the summertime and Shakespeare in the Park in August
---Renaissance Festival every May in Triune (budget $35 per person for entrance plus food, more if you want to buy souvenirs)
---Las Paletas---homemade Mexican-style gourmet popsicles---made year-round

Well, I've got to move on to some copy editing. But this gives you lots of ideas to spur your creativity. Some activities are more appropriate for on into the relationship when you know each other better, of course. And some of you may not want to foray into the world of crafts. But if you're willing to try, it's a lot of fun, and you can discover inexpensive, thoughtful gift ideas for her birthday, your dating (or wedding!) anniversary, Christmas, and so on.

Again, you got questions? I got ideas. Perhaps not the absolute answers. But I got opinions and ideas.



Erik said...

Hiking, picnics, pool & people watching in Manitou Springs.

Elena, if you email me I can show you how to put in links on the blog.

Elena said...

Manitou Springs...CO? Sounds more like Canada? ;)

Thanks for the offer. Pink Kitty's the resident blogging expert, so I can ask her. I'm wary of including links because of unknown indecent or vulgar content on the sites to which I refer or on the sites whose links are posted there. Better to give a description, and a main URL if needed.

Erik said...

Yes, Colorado
Before all the Christian ministries started moving into the Colorado Springs area, Manitou Springs was reffered to as the "witchcraft capital of the world" Unlikely in the whole world but certainly for the US. There is rumored to be a very large and pure crystal in one of the mountains that emenates harmonious waves and is a mecca of sorts for the new age crowd.

Cant quite understand why they cannot find this crystal...

Pink Kitty said...

Now find me someone to date to do all those things with...


Nate said...

Sorry PK.... I'm married. ;)

But Elena.. I'm sorely disappointed that "Trap Shooting" wasn't on your list. Tsk Tsk. Dr Who loves it.

Elena said...

Nate, nice side view pic of you on your Web site. I mean it!

Trap shooting? Is that similar to skeet shooting?

I've yet to make it out to the range with Pink Kitty and her brother's eventual-brother-in-law. I couldn't even bring myself to touch the guns she showed me. At least I didn't freak out with them being in the same room as me. Baby steps, baby steps. ;)

Pink Kitty said...

Nate... you are just a character... :)

Say hello to Dr. Who for us!