Wednesday, May 12, 2004

We need more Peepage

I think someone ought to make a _The Last of the Peeps_ movie, a colored-sugar-covered-marshmallow homage to _The Last of the Mohicans_. Peeptacular!

So is anyone else wondering what Uncas would have said to Alice were we to have been allowed to see more of their interaction?

Nathaniel (to Cora): I will find you. Stay alive! I WILL find you.
Uncas (to Alice): Uh...yeah, me too.

You gotta love men who live by this motto: "I just met you a couple of days ago, but I will stay in this doomed fort for you, jump from high places for you, let your previous suitor die in both of our places, AND will thwack scary, angry Native American guys who kidnap you."

Cora would say: "It's the power of the hair."

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