Wednesday, May 26, 2004

No links, prayer request, and a Lauper story

The blog without links to other blogs.

It's not that I don't want to have links within my posts. I just haven't figured out yet how to do it. Paste something into the html code. OK. Whatever. As Daisy from _Keeping Up Appearances_ tells her crisps-lovin' hubby, "You're just too bone idle." When it comes to learning stuff like that, yeppo.

If you're a praying person (who prays to Jesus), pray for me...I'm doing a freelance assignment for work, and it's scaring the bujiggers (yes, I just made up that word) outta me. Which is why I'm sitting here blogging. Argh... Guess I'm skeered I'm going to do a bad job. Anyway...

Icko moment of the day: Coworker related following anecdote about 80s semi-icon of pop music: "When C. L. was singing and had her mouth open, a bird pooped right into her mouth!" Hrm...wonder if the Comic Dog had just passed by too?

Is that the best I can come up with? Uh...yeah, for the moment.

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Kats said...

My sister and I were making fun of my pet rat. This is because he has a weird name. My sister was saying "I can't tell my friend Ben that I had a rat named Ben", and I said, well, what if you had a friend named Bujiggers? Then you can't tell him "I have a rat named Bujiggers" because he'll be offended. (My rat's name is Bujiggers and I made up that word). So then, she replied, "That's not even a word. You can google it, and nothing will come up). So I challenged her, and it led me to your site. Freaking weird huh? I thought I MADE UP THAT WORD! And you spelled it correctly and everything!