Thursday, May 20, 2004

Look before you flop

whew, so it's been a WEEK since i last posted. terrible!

Sorry, had to use the "convenient" capitalization system there for a moment. Back to normal now!

Embarassing moment #258
In seventh grade I sat in ketchup. Moral of story: Look before you flop yourself down onto any surface.

Real essay answers from high school students (more to come in June!)

One student explains in the essay that flophouses (the early version of the YMCA) were expanded to include locations that admitted women in order to guarantee "equality of flopping."

Flop = lie down to rest. My parents would say it's when their daughters decide to land on the couch for the evening. Their living room breathes great sighs of relief now that Ashpenaz and I no longer live with the 'rents. We have our own places to flop. :o)

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