Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Elena's Insanity List

You gotta love blogging or just reading blogs. I do. We're all a bunch o' chatty folks here in the blogosphere, aren't we?

You know you're going nutty when...
* you care way too much about what color is the symbol shape on your product. (It's something to help a teacher use a resource kit item.)
* the "rebooting" sound of your air conditioning is driving you insane.
* you can tell when someone forgot to use the smart quotes option in his or her word processing document.
* you delight in showing someone how to turn off the automatic hyphenation in Quark.
* you prefer a smooth writing ballpoint pen to write on sticky notes, a cartridge fountain pen for writing in a journal, and a permanent marker for writing a "where I'll be in the next hour" note to post on your office door. Yes, there is a pen hierarchy.
* you have a not-too-dissimilar hierarchy for clothes hanger usage.
* keeping an open jar of peanut butter next to the bed is a good idea. (Yes, I did that two nights in a row. Why? I don't know. And I can't blame it on Vicodin. I didn't have surgery. I'm not on pain killers. Gotta love Miss O'Hara.)
* you have to keep yourself from copy editing other people's blogs, homepages, and e-mails.
* you fret over whether you really ought to hyphenate the word "e-mail" or not.
* you can tell the difference between a regular typed space and an option space.
* you like making lists...just to make lists.
* you think it's cool that using newspaper to shine a mirror really works.
* you lose, temporarily, your driver's license down the shaft of your parking brake; then discover that needle nose pliers will retrieve the card (thank you, Preggo!); and then experiment with trying to remove the cup holder from the gear shift-parking brake console...and the cup holder comes out! Voila! Next time one has lost valuable item down impossibly complicated and skinny hole in car plastic, remove cup holder!

That would be Elena's "are you sure she's not blond?" moment for the day.

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