Monday, May 24, 2004


...belting while driving:
* Thoroughly Modern Millie. The original Broadway cast soundtrack. "Forget About the Boy" and "Gimme, Gimme" are two favorites.
* "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson whenever played on a country station. I love the part about shopping at Wally World rather than at Vickie's Whispers.

...noshing on:
* Chicken fingers from the chicken finger place at the Roundabout near Music Row. Excellent sauces for dipping. The fingers almost beat Chili's.
* Hershey's Miniatures. Four yummy choices of chocolate. They dress up for the holidays.
* M&M's homage to Shrek 2, in the form of peanut M&M's.
* Granola bars. Excellent breakfast selection. Key is to actually eat them at breakfast time and not wait till one is near-falling-over stage of hunger and dizziness.
+ NOTE + am NOT noshing on these all at once or on the same day. You work out the eating plan.

* comments on people's blog postings.
* silly blogs or e-mails to friends.

* Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Hilarious despite author's obvious love of wordy dirds. Can't wait to see movie version.
* forgot the title, but the story is an 18th century version of the Jacob, Leah, and Rachel love triangle. (The book was published in 2003.) I'm a sucker for a good Christian romance novel. This one's not as swoony as some others.

...dabbling in projects:
* embroidering the front panel of what will be a darling purple tote. Perhaps will be someone's birthday gift. I dunno.
* cross-stiching a Paula Vaughn design that I started probably 14 to 15 years ago for Mama H. Pink Kitty can attest to the fact that I begin lots o' crafting projects destined to be gifts for one occasion or another and then have to give the recipient an IOU till I get the thing completed, which can take YEARS.
* seeing how many empty glasses my coffee table can hold. Hey, it' foray into the world of science and geometry!

...shaking head in disbelief over items:
* Massachusetts and the recent law passed there. And people think the end times aren't approaching...
* the Frogger-like maneuvers on the interstate highway I drive every day.
* apt. rental rates in my city. Eek!
* price per gallon of petrol. Double or triple eek! Am glad we do not have to feed autos with other substances which would cost upwards of $100 if required to purchase by the gallon. Forget which ones they were, but included pink tummyache-reducing liquid in outrageous per gallon pricing.
* perhaps more shaking head at silly self for believing would be otherwise. Have fallen in love with stretchy rhinestone bracelet with design in various colors of blue but NOT in love with odd greenish "tatoo" left behind by said bracelet. And Ashpenaz bought it at Elena's favorite store. Tragic!

...lovin' 'em:
* the inclusion of several nostalgic mid-80s items in Pastor F's sermon yesterday. (We honored the class of 2004.) Gotta love a preacher who can work in two references to Michael J. Fox.
* my YansNY bag that goes with just about anything.
* the goofy but lovable kids in my discipleship group.
* blogs: Miss O'Hara, Vox Day, and Pink Kitty.

Bit o' News from Elena's World:
***** Preggo and BulldogFan are having a GIRL!!!!!! No fear, the nursery will not be tricked out in red, black, and white.*****


Pink Kitty said...

The Empress would like to someday see the gifts she's been promised..........


Pink Kitty said...

Wait a second here.... And how come I get listed third?

Elena said...

It just flowed from my mind that way. I was grooving in my brain waves. Man... Dude... Uh... yeah. ;o)