Friday, May 28, 2004

Garden gnomes, creepy-crawlies, and blogging...oh my!

If you've been reading my blog and have been praying for me about the freelance assignment, keep praying! Things are going MUCH better. It can only be God. Inspiration comes from Him.

So set of the teaching plans I'm editing uses the story about the garden gnomes being "liberated" in France back in 2001. I went to the GGLF's Web site (that would be Garden Gnome Liberation Front). Strange...very strange. Check it out at (no links, remember?)

Creepy-crawlies...the folks at Pan Galactic Blogger Blaster were sharing the ickiest stories about bug infestations. Most of them having to do with Section 8 housing or some other unfortunate poverty-level living situation. Entire homes covered in roaches, so that you couldn't see the walls. Don't suppose that Hildi will ever do a room with bugs as wall coverings. But don't hold your breath. Large bugs one assumed were mice...but were in fact bugs. Bugs that laid eggs and hatched IN SOMEONE'S NASAL CAVITY. Eew, eew, eew, eew, EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll stop there.

My favorite bug-related quote, to which Pink Kitty, StarGazer, and DukeDiva will attest, is "The man should have to kill the bug" by Suzanne Sugarbaker. StarGazer, upon receiving the kind but unwanted attention of a small eight-legged friend, remarked, "Yeah, the man should have to kill the bug, but he shouldn't have to wear it!" Which is now my all time favorite quote. So EAS, you made the blog!

I'm considering installing a pull-down bunk in my office. Why go home? Sleep here. Shower at the Y. Return for facial and dental ablutions and application of makeup. Keep the clothes nicely wadded into the filing cabinets. Stash snack items in the desk drawer. Hey, it could work. ............... Neh.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Doh! Can't do that. ConDog's coming to take her furniture. Gotta unload the baker's rack (aka bookshelf) and clear the living room floor. So long, was nice knowing you. I'll miss you, reclining chair. Guess it's just you, me, the coffee table, and the TV, pappazan.

Egads, almost 11:00 p.m.

The Cuteness Factor
Friday update
My toes and my fingers are matching. I mean the nails. They're painted the same color. (It's night.) And they're TOO cute! Somehow feet aren't as gross when the nails are painted. Exception is guys' feet. Please don't paint your nails, boys. Get them trimmed, yes. Painting, no.
Yesterday (ooh, look, indention!) the white high-heeled sandals were back. I know you missed them. They packaged the little tootsies quite well, I must say. Denim jacket, white shirt, denim skirt, white toes...a fashion full house! Yeah, it gets b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d late at night.

Currently reading...
_Lapsing into a Comma: A Curmudgeon's Guide to the Many Things That Can Go Wrong in Print—and How to Avoid Them_. Great book. About copy editing. Yes, a great book about copy editing. And the idea that someone could mix up "coma" and "comma" is HIlarious! The image on the front cover is a woman reclining on a fainting couch, complete with "woe is me" look on her face. (Or is that woe is I? Yep, there's another copy editing book by that title, _Woe Is I_.)

Now that I've mesmerized you, and without the aid of the voice of James Earl Jones, I shall TTFN and whisk myself off to Elena's Casa de Yonosé. ¡Adios, amigos!

a very tired E.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

No links, prayer request, and a Lauper story

The blog without links to other blogs.

It's not that I don't want to have links within my posts. I just haven't figured out yet how to do it. Paste something into the html code. OK. Whatever. As Daisy from _Keeping Up Appearances_ tells her crisps-lovin' hubby, "You're just too bone idle." When it comes to learning stuff like that, yeppo.

If you're a praying person (who prays to Jesus), pray for me...I'm doing a freelance assignment for work, and it's scaring the bujiggers (yes, I just made up that word) outta me. Which is why I'm sitting here blogging. Argh... Guess I'm skeered I'm going to do a bad job. Anyway...

Icko moment of the day: Coworker related following anecdote about 80s semi-icon of pop music: "When C. L. was singing and had her mouth open, a bird pooped right into her mouth!" Hrm...wonder if the Comic Dog had just passed by too?

Is that the best I can come up with? Uh...yeah, for the moment.

Monday, May 24, 2004


...belting while driving:
* Thoroughly Modern Millie. The original Broadway cast soundtrack. "Forget About the Boy" and "Gimme, Gimme" are two favorites.
* "Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson whenever played on a country station. I love the part about shopping at Wally World rather than at Vickie's Whispers.

...noshing on:
* Chicken fingers from the chicken finger place at the Roundabout near Music Row. Excellent sauces for dipping. The fingers almost beat Chili's.
* Hershey's Miniatures. Four yummy choices of chocolate. They dress up for the holidays.
* M&M's homage to Shrek 2, in the form of peanut M&M's.
* Granola bars. Excellent breakfast selection. Key is to actually eat them at breakfast time and not wait till one is near-falling-over stage of hunger and dizziness.
+ NOTE + am NOT noshing on these all at once or on the same day. You work out the eating plan.

* comments on people's blog postings.
* silly blogs or e-mails to friends.

* Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason. Hilarious despite author's obvious love of wordy dirds. Can't wait to see movie version.
* forgot the title, but the story is an 18th century version of the Jacob, Leah, and Rachel love triangle. (The book was published in 2003.) I'm a sucker for a good Christian romance novel. This one's not as swoony as some others.

...dabbling in projects:
* embroidering the front panel of what will be a darling purple tote. Perhaps will be someone's birthday gift. I dunno.
* cross-stiching a Paula Vaughn design that I started probably 14 to 15 years ago for Mama H. Pink Kitty can attest to the fact that I begin lots o' crafting projects destined to be gifts for one occasion or another and then have to give the recipient an IOU till I get the thing completed, which can take YEARS.
* seeing how many empty glasses my coffee table can hold. Hey, it' foray into the world of science and geometry!

...shaking head in disbelief over items:
* Massachusetts and the recent law passed there. And people think the end times aren't approaching...
* the Frogger-like maneuvers on the interstate highway I drive every day.
* apt. rental rates in my city. Eek!
* price per gallon of petrol. Double or triple eek! Am glad we do not have to feed autos with other substances which would cost upwards of $100 if required to purchase by the gallon. Forget which ones they were, but included pink tummyache-reducing liquid in outrageous per gallon pricing.
* perhaps more shaking head at silly self for believing would be otherwise. Have fallen in love with stretchy rhinestone bracelet with design in various colors of blue but NOT in love with odd greenish "tatoo" left behind by said bracelet. And Ashpenaz bought it at Elena's favorite store. Tragic!

...lovin' 'em:
* the inclusion of several nostalgic mid-80s items in Pastor F's sermon yesterday. (We honored the class of 2004.) Gotta love a preacher who can work in two references to Michael J. Fox.
* my YansNY bag that goes with just about anything.
* the goofy but lovable kids in my discipleship group.
* blogs: Miss O'Hara, Vox Day, and Pink Kitty.

Bit o' News from Elena's World:
***** Preggo and BulldogFan are having a GIRL!!!!!! No fear, the nursery will not be tricked out in red, black, and white.*****

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Look before you flop

whew, so it's been a WEEK since i last posted. terrible!

Sorry, had to use the "convenient" capitalization system there for a moment. Back to normal now!

Embarassing moment #258
In seventh grade I sat in ketchup. Moral of story: Look before you flop yourself down onto any surface.

Real essay answers from high school students (more to come in June!)

One student explains in the essay that flophouses (the early version of the YMCA) were expanded to include locations that admitted women in order to guarantee "equality of flopping."

Flop = lie down to rest. My parents would say it's when their daughters decide to land on the couch for the evening. Their living room breathes great sighs of relief now that Ashpenaz and I no longer live with the 'rents. We have our own places to flop. :o)

Currently ...

... reading
* Literature Lost. About deconstructionism, postmodernism, and literature.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

It's all about modesty


I'm seeing more comments on modesty from blogger chicks. It's got me ta thinkin'.

Maybe it's my age. I dunno. But I don't see this as an issue for me. But I wouldn't go out in public with my belly hangin' out or my "gifts" hitched up to my eyeballs, no matter my size.

Modesty for me is more about keepin' my mouth shut when necessary, not bragging, not butting into conversations, timing my questions better, and letting other people praise me (but not seeking it) and turning that praise back to God. My mouth and my pride are the larger issues for me...things I need to submit to God.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Lickable wallpaper?

Zany thought for the day: I wanna redo my office in Willy Wonka. Who can resist the chocolate factory?

We need more Peepage

I think someone ought to make a _The Last of the Peeps_ movie, a colored-sugar-covered-marshmallow homage to _The Last of the Mohicans_. Peeptacular!

So is anyone else wondering what Uncas would have said to Alice were we to have been allowed to see more of their interaction?

Nathaniel (to Cora): I will find you. Stay alive! I WILL find you.
Uncas (to Alice): Uh...yeah, me too.

You gotta love men who live by this motto: "I just met you a couple of days ago, but I will stay in this doomed fort for you, jump from high places for you, let your previous suitor die in both of our places, AND will thwack scary, angry Native American guys who kidnap you."

Cora would say: "It's the power of the hair."

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Elena's Insanity List

You gotta love blogging or just reading blogs. I do. We're all a bunch o' chatty folks here in the blogosphere, aren't we?

You know you're going nutty when...
* you care way too much about what color is the symbol shape on your product. (It's something to help a teacher use a resource kit item.)
* the "rebooting" sound of your air conditioning is driving you insane.
* you can tell when someone forgot to use the smart quotes option in his or her word processing document.
* you delight in showing someone how to turn off the automatic hyphenation in Quark.
* you prefer a smooth writing ballpoint pen to write on sticky notes, a cartridge fountain pen for writing in a journal, and a permanent marker for writing a "where I'll be in the next hour" note to post on your office door. Yes, there is a pen hierarchy.
* you have a not-too-dissimilar hierarchy for clothes hanger usage.
* keeping an open jar of peanut butter next to the bed is a good idea. (Yes, I did that two nights in a row. Why? I don't know. And I can't blame it on Vicodin. I didn't have surgery. I'm not on pain killers. Gotta love Miss O'Hara.)
* you have to keep yourself from copy editing other people's blogs, homepages, and e-mails.
* you fret over whether you really ought to hyphenate the word "e-mail" or not.
* you can tell the difference between a regular typed space and an option space.
* you like making lists...just to make lists.
* you think it's cool that using newspaper to shine a mirror really works.
* you lose, temporarily, your driver's license down the shaft of your parking brake; then discover that needle nose pliers will retrieve the card (thank you, Preggo!); and then experiment with trying to remove the cup holder from the gear shift-parking brake console...and the cup holder comes out! Voila! Next time one has lost valuable item down impossibly complicated and skinny hole in car plastic, remove cup holder!

That would be Elena's "are you sure she's not blond?" moment for the day.