Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Odds and ends

Analogy of the day: My personal CD player eats batteries as if they were Chex mix.

I'm serious. I think I've changed its batteries three times in the past two weeks. Maybe there's a conspiracy between electronics manufacturers and battery manufacturers. Or...maybe not.

You might say, "Elena, dear, just use a boom box and plug it in, plug it in." Good solution. But then you've leashed yourself to the device, by way of headphones, and if you forget that you're attached to the machine (as I did the other day and took the phone with me across the office...whonk!...dial tone----*eehhrrnnhh*), then it's gonna do a whonk onto the floor. Oh well... the drahma that is the work day in my little world o' one DQ. (btw, DQ = drama queen)

Mysterious movie quote of the day: "How long have you been in possession of dead husband?" (Think...set in a southeast Asia country now going under a different name.)

After a freakish falling of snow and sleet yesterday here in Music City, the sun be a-shinin' and I be a-grinnin'. Wahoo!!!

So my friend o' the pink kitties and the hatred for all things track-suitish is going to help me polka dot up this blog. Or something...

Pink Kitty (I think that'll be her code name.) told me of an interesting theme occurring amongst the Vox Volk: dating and the lack of quality volk to date. Question for self and for others: Am I looking within my league? Do I know what my league is? Can I change leagues? (No, we're not talking "switching teams.") Am I keeping my focus on the right thing by thinking about these dating issues so much? (If you have to ask yourself the question, the answer is probably yes. And I'm right there with y'all, so don't fret, my pet.)

Good album: the self-titled Ramiyah. Christian hip-hop/R&B. Great rhythms. Good messages. I'm rather ignorant on how to analyze hip-hop, so I can't say anything cooler than that. But hey, check 'em out. And they keep their navels covered! On another tack, I'm wondering...did they take the group name from the Hebrew word transliterated into English as "Ramiah," which means "the Lord is exalted"? It would make sense: their album is totally about praising God.

As it is Wednesday and time for church in the buckle o' the belt, I must sign off for now. Tootles!